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Terms and Conditions

You can rest assured that there will be complete security - for the actual financial transaction we use the secure server of WorldPay (part of NatWest).

The process is very easy:

  1. When you have completed this form, press 'Review Order'. Review the information you have input and if you want to change anything click the 'Back' button. When you are ready to pay, click 'Submit Order'.
  2. You will then be tranferred to WorldPay's secure server where you can input your debit/credit card details.
  3. The successful completion of your transaction will then be reported on a special page, and by email. If you have purchased downloadable items, you will be able to download them in your 'My Account' section of this website.
  4. Should you change your mind for any reason, we offer a refund within the first seven days of your payment - the amount of your payment less a £10 admin charge.

If you need help at any point, please ring the Adjudication Society webmaster on 01865-522310



Research Requests

Research students sometimes submit a request for members to help with their research. If you can spare a moment, please check out any current requests.