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About unexpected email from the Society

Have you just received and email which has come from an Adjudication Society email address? Was the mail unsolicited, did it contain a strange attachment, did it contain a virus, have you received it repeatedly?

If you have answered yes to all or most of these questions then it is very likely that the mail never came from an Adjudication Society email address. There is a simple explanation.

Most writers of virii/worms like to cause damage, but most of all they like to cause mass confusion. One way thay cause confusion is to write a virus/worm which acts in a way, so it hides where it has really come from. So if you get an email, you will normally just see something like this:

From: post
To: fredsmith@aol.com
Subject: Membership webpages now updated
Date sent: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 08:37:30 +0100

"text of the message here"

This is the normal mail header information you would usually see. However, if the mail is a result of a virus/worm infection, the address on the 'From:' line in the mail, is just a random address, 'chosen' by the virus/worm, from all the email addresses it has found on the pc it has just infected. Thus, mass confusion!

To see where the mail has really come from, you have to delve a little deeper and look at what are called the 'full mail headers' ie. the full address details of the mail. In there you will find where the mail has actually come from. Unfortunately the internet/email are increasingly subjected to mis-use/abuse by just a few individuals worldwide. Whilst they can continue to do this, take these simple steps:

  1. Never open any attachment in an email you wouldnt normally expect to receive.
  2. Ensure anti-virus software is updated daily if not hourly.
  3. Always check with the sender, that they did really send you the email, if in any doubt.

For detailed analysis of virri/worms, please have a look at the leading anti-virus software vendors below, this is just a selection of course:


If you are still in any doubt and do think the virus/worm has orginated from an Adjudication Society email address, then please email our Postmaster (Simon Hogg) for further help.



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